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Oct 022012

Video about yygy:

If there are too many strokes, one should write as many as possible, but put the last stroke last this mirrors the component rule for characters with more than 4 components outlined above. Intelligent software will try to make sure that the character in the default position is the one desired.


These are usually a complete character with the exception of X in their own right. See the section on disambiguation strokes for more information on exceptions to this rule. It is associated with the following components:



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  1. Wubi distributes its characters very evenly and as such the vast majority of characters are uniquely defined by the 4 keystrokes discussed above.

  2. Once the algorithm is understood, one can type almost any character with a little practice, even if one hasn't typed it before.

  3. In such an implementation, the z key breaks the paradigm and as such is not found in much generalized software although the Wubi input method commonly found in Chinese Windows implements the feature.

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