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Oct 022012

Video about yonan codex:

The passage is from the Gospel of John 6: The sale was not completed at that time; however, we have lost track of where the actual Manuscript is now located.

Yonan codex

The Codex was the precious possession of the Malek-Yonan family for many centuries. His HRV is discussed in the Scripture section as well.

Yonan codex

Yonan codex

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  1. The article announcing the display described it as being part of the James Melikian collection. Its present binding of boards includes at the beginning sixteen folios of paper of a much later date and four folios at the end, each page containing twenty-one or twenty-two lines of larger script; these provide in a totally different hand the portions of the text of Matthew and Hebrews lacking in the original parchment codex.

  2. The text begins with Matthew 9: Interestingly pages 13, 14, 38, 39, 53 and 54 of the Khabouris Codex are also written in the Swadaya text type.

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