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Oct 022012

Video about yoix:

Features[ edit ] The Yoix language is not an object oriented language , but makes use of over object types that provide access to most of the standard Java classes. Organizing Cells of Data[ edit ] The YChart data visualization toolkit was added to the Yoix distribution with release 2.


Similarly, excessive looping will also display the limitations of this interpreted language. In addition to graph display mentioned above as part of the YDAT module, data types in the Yoix language support building, manipulating and traversing graph structures.



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  1. Browsers in had limited feature sets, were too unstable for production use in an 8-hour shift[ dubious — discuss ] and were still fighting skirmishes in the Browser Wars.

  2. It does not use reflection to access Java functionality and thus adds value by not only simplifying access to that functionality, but also improving application reliability by coding through both Java glitches and complicated Java features one-time, behind-the-scenes.

  3. YDAT uses a data manager component to coordinate data display and filtering among its several visualization components that include an event plot, a graph drawing pane, histogram filters and tabular detail.

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