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Oct 022012

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Thus the film is filled with plenty of low-grade farce, cheap double- entendres or albures as they are known here and a shot of one of the women cast members showering naked included gratuitously approximately every 20 minutes or so. Helicopter chases, motorbikes, bloody murders, manic sadist assassins, dwarf sidekicks, cod bullfights, flamethrowers, explosive-tipped arrows, this film has it all and carries it off with utter aplomb.


A cheaply made and mildly exploitative film with little to recommend beyond the performance of Maribel Fernandez, who delivers her lines with crackle and spark and has enough charisma to fill the screen and carry the film on her own, luckily, as the supporting cast do little to help her. Die hard fans of "Confessions of a Our two lovable rogues flee Mexico City and wind up in Monterrey.



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  1. Meetings were held, story lines worked out, a cast found etc. The vecindad was the bedrock of community organization for generations, yet they are becoming scarcer and scarcer with time.

  2. Some films deserve to die, forever. Apart from Fernandez's performance, these films are almost social documents, and while the dialogue and depictions are exaggerations, they are none the less grounded in a reality that is fast being lost.

  3. Before I gave an example, but the whole film is shot through with such barnstorming nonsense. I swear Mike Myers must've seen this flick when he came up with the concept of MiniMe.

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