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Oct 022012

Video about wizzo the clown:

If you should know where they are or can help put me in touch with Marshall's costumer I would appreciate it. Peter Raveen, entertainer and personal manager for magician Lance Burton, said working with Brodien on Burton's TV special has been a pleasure because of his attention to detail, professionalism and modesty of his own talents.

Wizzo the clown

But aside from Brodien's ability as a magician and businessman, what impresses magicians, associates, family and friends most of all is the man's humanity and humility. Cooky doesn't look too happy does he? We thought it would be fun to show how it might be if they weren't.

Wizzo the clown

Wizzo the clown

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  1. At the age of 14, he got his first job working downtown Chicago at the Magic Center selling and demonstrating magic tricks and novelties. Impressed by Brodien, a regular patron offered to exchange lessons on hypnotism for magic lessons.

  2. He is a recognized personality throughout the magic industry, being called the magician's magician by his peers. Brodien's contact with other entertainers on and off television has been extensive.

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