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Oct 022012

Video about why oysters are an aphrodisiac:

Casanova, who admitted seducing women in his memoirs, offered his own serving suggestion in Volume Six: The link was announced to 15, scientists in San Diego, California, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society last week. Hourigan says oysters are extremely high in zinc, which is important in raising testosterone levels in men although it's unlikely any testosterone-raising effect would be immediate.

Why oysters are an aphrodisiac

Hourigan says there are a number of factors that might contribute to a food's aphrodisiac potential. Despite regular news reports to the contrary, at this stage there is little in the way of rigorous scientific proof to show that oysters can independently spark erotic desire.

Why oysters are an aphrodisiac

Why oysters are an aphrodisiac

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  1. If you find the slippery texture of oysters sensual, they might just flick the switch for you. She tipped the shell, slurped and pondered.

  2. They then used a process called high-performance li-quid chromatography to identify which amino acids were present and in what quantities.

  3. Zinc is found in sperm and men lose between one and three milligrams per ejaculation.

  4. More aphrodisiacs But the real story behind the foods famed for lifting our libidos is complicated.

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