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Oct 022012

Video about what is flirtatious behavior:

However, you can tell a lot about a person's intentions toward you and interest in you from the manner in which he or she smiles when interacting with you. Compliments This one's the easiest to interpret.

What is flirtatious behavior

What Is a Flirty Personality? When a person's smile reaches the eyes, and the whole face seems to light up, that's a sign of genuine affection. Not an Exact Science Of course, recognizing whether or not flirting is taking place is not an exact science.

What is flirtatious behavior

What is flirtatious behavior

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You could chap for different reasons, clicking on the side. A compliment is a way to show big approval.
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  1. Moving closer People typically try to get closer only to the people they like, so if someone is trying to increase their proximity to you, there's a good chance they're interested. A big part of recognizing whether or not someone is interested in getting to know you on a romantic level is developing the ability to recognize the signs.

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