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Oct 022012

Video about what is female ejaculation fluid:

Yet the subject was largely ignored for most of the early part of the century. Some radical feminist writers, such as Sheila Jeffreys were also dismissive, claiming it as a figment of male fantasy: A third concern is that of the increasing 'medicalisation' of women's sexuality, as expressed by Leonore Tiefer which finds its most extreme manifestation in the concept of female sexual dysfunction.

What is female ejaculation fluid

Late 20th century awareness The topic did not receive serious attention again until a review by Josephine Lowndes Sevely and JW Bennett appeared in However, she has commented that she could not ejaculate on cue even though producers expect her to like a male performer. Nevertheless, the theory advanced by these authors was immediately dismissed by many other authors, such as physiologist Joseph Bohlen, [33] for not being based on rigorous scientific procedures, and psychiatrist Helen Singer Kaplan stated:

What is female ejaculation fluid

What is female ejaculation fluid

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