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Oct 022012

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More detailed information can be found on the History page of this website. The opposite is true for many truth-seekers.

Urantia book online

Scientists at the time of the book's origin thought one side of Mercury always faced the sun, just as one side of the Moon always faces the Earth. Return to top of page Is The Urantia Book a religion?

Urantia book online

Urantia book online

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  1. They believe more of its science — if not all of it — will be proven correct in the future. Wikipedia article , Commons category , quotes , Wikidata item.

  2. In , a group of Sadler's friends, former patients, and colleagues began meeting for Sunday philosophical and religious discussions, but became interested in the strange communications when Sadler mentioned the case at their fourth meeting and read samples at their request. The book and its publishers do not name a human author.

  3. For example, Paper , "The World's Religions" discusses the aspects of these religions that are in common with what the book claims is the "religion of Jesus.

  4. After the last of Part IV was obtained in , an additional period of time supposedly took place where requests for clarifications resulted in revisions. She reported that she was unable to wake him at these times.

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