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Oct 022012

Video about unhooking a bra:

If you feel a thicker fabric in the middle of the strap that must be the clasp! Then work your favorite hand right onto the clasp.

Unhooking a bra

Using one hand is complicated but following certain rules should ease your task. As such, your fingers would probably by instinct go to her back.

Unhooking a bra

Unhooking a bra

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  1. Using your index finger, pull the bra away from her skin to create space between both. You will fail woefully.

  2. As such, your fingers would probably by instinct go to her back. Using your thumb and first two fingers, gently pinch the bra straps material on either side of the clasp and then squeeze them together to release the hooks.

  3. As such, it is important you get creative and master this wholesome act. This clasp will be found in between the two cups of the bra.

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