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Oct 022012

Video about tech savvy quiz:

In the future I will probably use this program for keeping records of students work. Shutterstock Yes if it's on their story, no if it's a post Yes, they will get notified that you watched any video No they only get notifications if you click 'like' They will if it's a post, not if it's on their story Answer all the questions to see your result!

Tech savvy quiz

I can scan it in and then add comments and emphasize or mark on the page exactly what I am looking at. How do you get it back to normal size?

Tech savvy quiz

Tech savvy quiz

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  1. Shutterstock Pinch the screen with your fingertips Push the screen with your fingertips Just lock it and hope for the best Go into settings and change the font size 8. Shutterstock Change the setting for the appropriate scenario nature, city etc Slide your fingers apart across the screen Pinch the screen Tap the middle of the screen 7.

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