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Oct 022012

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In this concise work, a team of writers examines the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of women. Through a local locksmith, Spartanburg police traced it to an apartment complex, and eventually to the lock on the door of an apartment that, at the time Tamika vanished, had been rented by Christopher Hampton. Now, that investigation is nearing an end, and tonight, we can name the person charged in the murder of Tamika Huston.

Tamika hampton

It does not include those who remain silent, or those for whom the abuse is psychological. But if there is a lead, or a possibility, we try to follow it, and try to find the truth.

Tamika hampton

Tamika hampton

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  1. That was despite the best efforts of her aunt Rebkah Howard, a Miami-based public relations executive. And that is only the number reported physically abused.

  2. But if there is a lead, or a possibility, we try to follow it, and try to find the truth. Equally important, they dispel many myths about intimate violence, including the notion that one can identify a potential perpetrator.

  3. Lamb went looking for Hampton and found him in the federal lock-up on a parole violation.

  4. Most crucially, Intimate Violence against Women offers current research, theory and advocacy on this topic, arming the reader to with the knowledge to help herself or others who are being abused.

  5. They look at the potential legal issues, and explore effective treatments for recovery.

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