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Oct 022012

Video about swagger toolbox:

Are you a stunning gentleman or a suave handyman? A cutter is concealed in the notch along the end of the tie-clasp, and a bottle opener is perfectly configured along the back. Color Options Make it part of your everyday professional carry.

Swagger toolbox

Are you a stunning gentleman or a suave handyman? We have completed the design and structure stage, and have received hard samples. Cufflinks James Bond would be envious of, our sophisticated and clever design can only be found in the Swagger Toolbox!

Swagger toolbox

Swagger toolbox

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  1. A tiny notch along the edge of the cufflinks accentuates its stylish design and functions as a wire stripper. Introducing the sleek and stylish Swagger Toolbox!

  2. Whether you opt for a traditional look or want to make a bold fashion statement, the dashing design of the Swagger Toolbox collection will help you look your best! It's a classic look that goes deeper than looks.

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