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Oct 022012

Video about stop rumination:

Think about what accepting reality in this situation would involve, and weigh the pros and cons of taking this different orientation to the situation. Be proactive in trying to solve your problems. I did not get the job and I became very self-critical of my tardiness.

Stop rumination

Constantly work on building your self-esteem by taking care of yourself and doing things you enjoy and excel at. By shifting the mode of problem-solving from thinking to taking action, ruminating and depression are dramatically reduced.

Stop rumination

Stop rumination

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  1. If not, identify actual solutions and commit to taking action. If you plan a minute rumination session, chances are you may not even feel like ruminating when the time arrives.

  2. What are you missing out on when you ruminate? Overcoming depression could depend on your ability to interrupt this ruminative thought process as soon as it begins.

  3. Please enter a valid email address Oops! Plan to take action Instead of repeating the same negative thought over and over again, take that thought and make a plan to take action to address it.

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