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Oct 022012

Video about st sealtiel guardian angel:

Gabriel is the bearer of God's secret messages to His chosen ones. He also brings our prayers to the Golden Altar.

St sealtiel guardian angel

He is the divine angel of contemplation and worship. Jhudiel is invoked by confessors, social workers. Considered as one of the seven archangels in a variant Catholic system, which pairs each archangel with a specific day of the week and attribute.

St sealtiel guardian angel

St sealtiel guardian angel

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Reader Comments

  1. Mercy is grace for bodily and spiritual needs. He is assigned by God to accompany us along the way of our pilgrimage in search of the treasures of real happiness which God has in store for all His children.

  2. He is often depicted in iconography holding a crown and a three-thonged whip. May the evils of drug addition, sex exploitation and abortion become things of discredited past.

  3. Sealtiel continually stands before God, with incenser in hand in unceasing adoration of the Most Holy Trinity.

  4. On rare occasions like those in the Bible , angels can take physical appearance and speak with words. But there other sources too.

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