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Oct 022012

Video about squitten:

The cats were reportedly healthy and able to move quickly. Kittens may be unable to knead effectively with their short forelegs; kneading is required to stimulate milk flow in the mother. They were sitting up on their hind legs before they were four weeks old, although they also use their legs to get about.


Cabbits are usually Manx-type cats with an additional deformity such as spina bifida; cats with peculiarly short front legs due to radial hypoplasia [RH] Twisty Cats and the Ethics of Breeding for Deformity or one of the several bobtailed cat breeds Bobtailed and Tailless Cats. Those with mild RH appear to hop like rabbits, sitting up and resting their front legs every so often this may have lead to some of the reported cabbit sightings. He walks mostly on his elbows, or hops like a kangaroo.



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  1. This would be 65 days from the day Asher was neutered. Since the famous Munchkin and her offspring, similar unrelated cats have been found throughout the USA and other countries as spontaneous mutations born to normal parents.

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