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Oct 022012

Video about sport comedy:

Go for a younger audience. Top Programs are for episodes with a minimum length of 15 minutes.

Sport comedy

Originally placed on a Friday night, it had nowhere near the drive and buzz necessary at such a time. And audiences embraced this strategy with each episode averaging at least 76, viewings in their first 28 days online. The three series so far broadcast have consistently brought us Trevor's mixture of self-blame and masochistic need to help people who won't help themselves, and made him a hero and a hit, on a medium that understands that pace doesn't just mean 'do it fast'.

Sport comedy

Sport comedy

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  1. When broadcasters upgrade their video players, player measurement SDKs may take time to reach consumer devices consumers need to update their apps and may temporarily result in an under-reporting of a broadcaster video player figures. I think if you look at TV audiences and the way they consume content, particularly younger people, that shorter format is fantastic.

  2. This wasn't Drop The Dead Donkey, full of fast moving action and standup-style quips, but the story of a man completely at sea in a mad world.

  3. Running TS Sports management with his best friend, loudmouthed Sammy, Trevor has only one reliable client, minor celebrity supermarket-opener, Ralph.

  4. Certainly with Barracuda , the figures were off the chart for how many people watched it on iview. Live streaming channel viewing is not included.

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