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Oct 022012

Video about spiritual satanists:

Members of the TotBL believe that the realm of Chaos is ruled over by 11 dark gods, the highest of them being Satan, and all of said gods are considered manifestations of a higher being. When I think back to how scared and lost I was when I was a Satanist, it makes me determined to help people. Their practices primarily center on self-development.

Spiritual satanists

Their practices primarily center on self-development. I went home feeling free and positive for the first time in ages.

Spiritual satanists

Spiritual satanists

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  1. Individuals involved in the Affair of the Poisons were accused of Satanism and witchcraft. But I started going to church more regularly, and I felt increasingly like I belonged.

  2. Their practices primarily center on self-development. To be honest, I went because I thought there might be some hot girls there.

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