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Oct 022012

Video about spiritual horoscope capricorn:

The head rules the heart in such cases, whereas in the perfect example of the influences of Capricorn, head and heart are perfectly balanced. The stars are interconnected with each other, all flowing along magnetic field lines, the arteries of the galactic body. The universe may have had something to do with that, but it is your choices that create your future.

Spiritual horoscope capricorn

Capricorn The energies streaming forth from the constellation Capricorn express a crystallization process carrying the seeds of death , that give way to life through the initiation process. Capricorn may find themselves going through a period of deep disbelief in adolescence or their twenties, and they may find that their spiritual journey is full of twists and turns. Challenges for the Capricorn Soul The Yin-Yang of the universe generally gave you the energy of being pretty self-sufficient, yet you take comfort and security in protection.

Spiritual horoscope capricorn

Spiritual horoscope capricorn

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