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Oct 022012

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The main difference between traditional marriage and a Handfasting is that in a Handfasting it is acknowledged that people sometimes grow apart and change. Pagans even in committed relationships understand that while it's important to have commitment particularly for the raising of children, people have to grow and develop separately, and sometimes they need to go their own way.

Sila sex

This one takes many forms, from the belief that all Pagans have open relationships where sex with outside parties is mutually agreed to , to all Pagans being in Poly relationships with more than two people. In this case sex is held to be very sacred, creating a strong spiritual bond.

Sila sex

Sila sex

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  1. Some people would argue that while sex is procreative humans use it for other purposes, thus perverting it.

  2. To have sex without love degrades the act itself, which is held sacred by many of the groups.

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