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Oct 022012

Video about sigmund freud personality types:

The second phase starts after the first year and lasts until the third year. Pictures and artworks are property of their authors. The information is provided "as-is" and should not be construed to constitute professional services or warranties of any kind.

Sigmund freud personality types

It is full of self-destruction of sexual energy and our unconscious desire to die. The phallic stage focuses on the genitals as pleasure seeking areas of the body.

Sigmund freud personality types

Sigmund freud personality types

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  1. Totem and Taboo[ edit ] Totem and Taboo Freud desired to understand religion and spirituality and deals with the nature of religious beliefs in many of his books and essays. However, Freud thought this unimportant, believing in only a qualitative difference between people.

  2. It is full of self-destruction of sexual energy and our unconscious desire to die. A sexual object is the object that one desires while the sexual aim is the acts that one desires to perform with the object.

  3. A dream about a house might be the condensation of worries about security as well as worries about one's appearance to the rest of the world.

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