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Oct 022012

Video about shetland women:

There was a basic sexual division of labour, with the men responsible for the former and the women the latter. I'm an esthetican so I have a strong passion for skin care, holla at me if you need a facial or your make-up did. Shetland was distinguished by its Norse heritage and its economic structure.

Shetland women

Again, the latter was not so much a domestic as an economic activity for Shetland women. What she realized was that the focus for such a history was the industrialized economies, while she also came to see that the case study of Shetland revealed considerable differences even within peasant, fishing, and island communities.

Shetland women

Shetland women

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  1. I travelled around the whole country and snowboarding is my fav sport. A woman who could not work was a liability.

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