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Oct 022012

Video about sex in your forties:

I can remember sitting at my desk at work and getting a chill down my spine as I let my mind replay images from a night spent in his arms and in his bed. When he found out, he was saddened that he had caused me pain.

Sex in your forties

I'm happily married with three children, two of whom are teenagers, but I'm having better sex now than when I was in my 20s. I quite like the way I look now, which is something I probably wouldn't have said five years ago.

Sex in your forties

Sex in your forties

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  1. Later, I didn't realise that lubricants and spermicidal gels can cause problems such as thrush, cystitis and vaginal irritation.

  2. When I was in my 20s, I was truthfully a neurotic mess when it came to sex. Though, responsibilities might be there but there are no immediate challenges.

  3. I was highly resistant to dating younger at first, but it seemed like they were the only ones who approached me when I was out and about.

  4. We assumed the very nonsexy roles of Mom and Dad, and it was hard to shed those identities when we shed our clothes at night.

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