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Oct 022012

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Nevertheless, Parker and Stone wanted the show to maintain its crude paper look; for example, they specifically asked for the night sky in this episode to look like a black piece of paper with holes cut into it for stars, just as it was in the pilot episode. Parker and Stone, however, insisted it stay in the episode, and they said the lack of any reaction whatsoever to the fart was what made it funny.


Unlike Stan, Kenny is able to shoot animals, impressing Jimbo. They then see Cartman disguised as Scuzzlebutt and start shooting at him. Whenever they see a creature, they shoot it after yelling, "It's coming right for us!



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  1. Parker said his father is very calm in real life and Randy's relaxed reaction to learning of the volcano—calmly sipping his coffee—is "about how my dad would react to anything".

  2. A cat featured in the background of one of the outdoor scenes was designed to look exactly like Parker's cat, Jake.

  3. Suddenly the volcano erupts. Since the episode involved children drinking beer and threatening each other at gunpoint during hunting trips, Parker said he did not believe Comedy Central would have aired it following the Columbine High School massacre in

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