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Oct 022012

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Thus, the remaining basis for the Board's conclusion that claimant was not subjected to stress greater than that experienced in a normal workplace is that other employees were similarly directed to engage in wrongful conduct. We reject this analysis.


Upon review, the Workers' Compensation Board reversed, finding that claimant had not demonstrated that he was exposed to stress that was any greater than that experienced by his peers. In April , he filed a claim for workers' compensation benefits, alleging that work-related stress caused him to develop anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, insomnia and weight loss.



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  1. The employer's witnesses testified that corrective action—including termination—had been taken when similar practices occurred at the store in the past, and claimant testified that he would have been fired for such conduct in other upscale department stores where he had previously worked. Two of claimant's supervisors confirmed that the manufacturer required reserve orders before it would ship handbags, and that employees were instructed to submit as many reserve orders as possible for the purpose of increasing the store inventory.

  2. The WCLJ found claimant's testimony to be credible and determined, among other things, that he had been directed by a supervisor to submit false reserve orders in order to deceive the manufacturer and that credit card numbers were included in the reserve orders.

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