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Oct 022012

Video about romantic restaurants charlotte nc:

First, it is non-profit. They also offer romantic outdoor seating on the patio and veranda, which overlook the signature fig trees. Whether you are looking for an upscale eatery or a casual place with lively entertainment, there is plenty to choose from.

Romantic restaurants charlotte nc

With seating for only 45 at this upscale hotspot, you will definitely want to make reservations. Carpe Diem Restaurant An important characteristic of a good restaurant is reliability. These are the best romantic restaurants in Charlotte.

Romantic restaurants charlotte nc

Romantic restaurants charlotte nc

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  1. Even though the scenery has a French influence, the food at Carpe Diem Restaurant is distinctly American. Chef Scott Wallen plays with freshly caught fruits of the ocean and rivers using flare and imagination, and he perfectly melds seafood with seasonal local ingredients to create unique flavors.

  2. With a seasonal menu, one of the best wine lists in town, and perfect desserts, the Fig Tree Restaurant offers surprisingly affordable and well-prepared cuisine. He occasionally brings old favorites back to the menu, including North Carolina trout crusted in pistachio and served with pineapple, white butter, kohlrabi, Carolina rice, and turnip and apple salad.

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