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Oct 022012

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Among the commission candidates seeking the Republican nomination are: In its first year of operations, the daycare will accept 20 children for full time care and 15 for after school care, with the possibility of increasing its capacity as needed.

Rogersville forum

Desserts and breads have been in short supply the last few years and are greatly needed this year. We need to unify and work together as a county commission, and I think I have the leadership to do that.

Rogersville forum

Rogersville forum

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  1. The top three GOP commission candidates in each district will move on to the Aug. District 1 also has a contested constable race featuring Ryan D.

  2. We need day-old corn bread and biscuits as well as white bread to crumble up and use in our dressing mixture. He said he created budgets and managed hourly and salaried employees and special projects.

  3. PLP also needs drivers for meal deliveries and packers to prepare every to-go meal. Several speakers gave interesting presentations on topics such as the biomass, niche markets, cranberry development and community-supported agriculture.

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