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Oct 022012

Video about port moresby girls:

In Papua New Guinea, the current popular opinion is that women are inferior. Two years ago, outrage against gender violence in Papua New Guinea reached fever pitch when Kepari Leniata, a year-old mother of one was accused of sorcery, dragged from her home, tortured, stripped naked, doused in petrol and set alight on a pyre of tyres at a local rubbish dump.

Port moresby girls

There is a long way to go and in some areas there is no victim assistance available. What we will want changes over time. Omsy says that when he quit the gang he also stopped beating his wife.

Port moresby girls

Port moresby girls

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  1. Richard Bal shows off the disfigured ear of his wife, Agita. A lack of community intervention is a key area for targeted change.

  2. Supplied For women and children seeking help, there are resources available but they are limited. Now the world can gain an insight into what is happening to our women.

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