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Oct 022012

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And then, he kills himself, another sin, and according to some texts is then eternally damned. Boyfriend and I just got back from a super quick weekend trip to Sydney where we watched Tim Minchin absolutely rock it as Judas Iscariot. Sorry the blog is late, it's because of the aforementioned Sydney trip.


How could a loving God allow that? And Judas, despite being devoted to Jesus you know, before he betrayed him and sent him to his death was the first person to question Him. In addition, she analyzes which verbs and structures are employed most frequently in talking about motion in select Old and Middle English texts, demonstrating that while satellite-framing is stable, the extent of manner-conflation is influenced by text type and style.



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  1. Yes, he is the betrayer, but Jesus needed someone to betray him so that he could die for all our sins and all that.

  2. Poor old Judas indeed. There were lots of things that contributed to my becoming an atheist.

  3. Huber explains how these verbs were initially borrowed not for expressing general literal motion, but in more specific, often metaphorical and abstract contexts.

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