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Oct 022012

Video about pjcs:

Cytech technical one Course Overview - 3 days total training time Cytech technical one covers the basic competencies in assuring cycles are prepared correctly for collection by customers and meet The Pedal Bicycle Safety Regulations With intact retrograde AV nodal conduction, an inverted P wave will occur during or just after the inscription of the QRS.


The next, normally timed sinus P wave may experience delay or block in the AV node, owing to retrograde conduction of the PJC. PJCs most often occur in the absence of structural heart disease but may occur also in clinical settings similar to those surrounding PACs. To register for an available course, follow the relevant 'To register for the course click here' link when on the calendar page.



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  1. Please note that this doesn't book your course, but registers your details so that PJCS can call you back and confirm the booking.

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