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Oct 022012

Video about piercing places in taunton ma:

He said he may re-apply at a later date for permission to hire a new body piercer. Digital access or digital and print delivery.

Piercing places in taunton ma

He added that the business, which was closed down for a week in for failing to provide documentation to the BOH, would be permanently closed in the event of another infraction. Burt estimates the graphic photos had been posted to the website for approximately two months before the health board discovered them.

Piercing places in taunton ma

Piercing places in taunton ma

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  1. Pleasure in Pain, Broadway, is back in business after a hearing this week between its owners and Taunton Board of Health officials. That procedure, he said, involved using a scalpel to make an incision so that small metal objects, such as magnets, could be implanted under the skin.

  2. He said he may re-apply at a later date for permission to hire a new body piercer. In they lost their permit to operate for nearly a week, when it was determined that they failed to provide information regarding the sanitary status of machinery used to perform tattoos.

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