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Oct 022012

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The family of hillfolk that figures so prominently in Ozark, in their compound of single-wides, would have been bought out long ago by a real estate investment trust. And then came a baby. Or might it portray the Ozarks, and Ozarkers, with some variation and nuance, even given the boundaries of the crime thriller genre?


So with that cultural background and framework of experience, I watched the trailer for the Netflix series Ozark with apprehension. Would it be another garish Ozark horrorshow with toothless killers, cackling grannies, and a landscape of madness and terror? Some of both, as it turns out.



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  1. The past decade has seen an upsurge in portrayals of Ozarkers as brutal and inbred to a garish degree.

  2. We are gathered here this evening because of our longing to celebrate or to at least know a little more about a story that happened long ago.

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