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Oct 022012

Video about naturalhaireverything:

Not to dis celebs but you are more lovely than most of them. When I used them together. There are days where I truly hate it and feel like an awkward teenager again — learning how to style your hair at age 30 is a real shock to the system.


In the old days they said brush your hair strokes a day. Try a hair color remover In some cases, hair color can actually be removed instead of coloring overtop it.



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  1. Not to dis celebs but you are more lovely than most of them. I was so over being natural and thought I couldn't do it anymore or afford it.

  2. I know she loved my natural hair, but more than anything she just wanted to be able to help me and this was the solution. To be even more honest, blonde.

  3. You are a stunning looking woman and one day I intend to have your hair at the very least!

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