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Oct 022012

Video about narcissistic coworker:

Are you getting pressure from above? Are you getting pressure from above? Spotting A Narcissist Narcissism has a wide range of characteristics, from the obvious to the subtle.

Narcissistic coworker

Narcissists have a firm belief that they are special and don't have to follow rules. As individuals that always overrate themselves to help their self-esteem, making them feel small will increase the tension. Most employees -- whether they work in an office or a coalmine -- have at least one horror story about a coworker or supervisor.

Narcissistic coworker

Narcissistic coworker

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  1. A or B schizoid personality disorder or avoidant personality disorder A worker who's avoidant may not be much of a problem -- except when there are certain jobs he or she wants to pass the buck on.

  2. They may be as violent as throwing objects at you when they are offended, especially bosses. All of the above Answers 1.

  3. Print Print Have you ever worked with a narcissist coworker? If this person is your boss, don't internalize her chaos and anger.

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