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Oct 022012

Video about movies playing in north platte:

Tickets are now starting at 4. Guests 25 years and under must show ID.

Movies playing in north platte

Digital ProjectionThis theatre features digital projection in all auditoriums. Pricing NoticeAMC reserves the right to exercise special pricing options for unique in-theatre experiences. Be sure to read the back of your pass for more details.

Movies playing in north platte

Movies playing in north platte

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Wheelchair AccessThis session is wheelchair-accessible in all extras. Contact the prevailing services desk at the least for more registration.
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  1. Surcharges for premium formats and special events. Military PricingThis location offers special military pricing.

  2. Using a new digital approach, you can watch movies with amazing depth and clarity, without sacrificing comfort. We appreciate your patience as we work to get all the systems converted and up-and-running.

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