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Oct 022012

Video about m2f hormones:

We recommend using the Estradot brand of patches whether 25, 50 or mcg variant because it uses the superior estradiol hemihydrate. After six to eight weeks, you'll begin taking estrogen to decrease testosterone production and induce feminization. Start on that first low dose is recommended, when you first start HRT.

M2f hormones

This blocks male sex hormone androgen receptors and can suppress testosterone production. Make an appointment Who should receive hormone treatment? Your fertility Because feminizing hormone therapy might reduce your fertility, you'll need to make decisions about future childbearing before starting treatment.

M2f hormones

M2f hormones

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  1. With estrogen treatment, your PSA is expected to decrease by about 50 percent. Spironolactine reduces the amount of salt in your body, so you should take in more salt in your diet while using it.

  2. How you prepare Before starting feminizing hormone therapy, your doctor will evaluate your health to rule out or address any medical conditions that might affect or contraindicate treatment. During the operation, the testicles are removed.

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