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Oct 022012

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So what's causing so many divorces and, perhaps even more importantly, what are we to do about it if we want marriage to survive? Making Marriage Work is an updated manual to help get the job of marriage done right in this day and age. Prior to becoming the arbitrator of Divorce Court, she hosted the short-lived court show Power of Attorney.

Lynn toler books

Replete with simple, no-nonsense rules,Divorce Court anecdotes, and stories about Judge Toler's own union,Making Marriage Work contains invaluable information couples can use today to secure their marital tomorrow. She also discusses how to apply these rules to everyday life. Toler was known for enforcing nontraditional judgments, such as hand written essays.

Lynn toler books

Lynn toler books

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  1. Put a young man or woman alone in a room with a powerful person who lacks empathy you get unwanted sexual advances.

  2. The same goes for smoking. However, the makeup and consistency of this job has changed so much over the past few decades that the old rules no longer apply.

  3. Its methodology has been studied and determined effective [1]. If we change the way we deal with how we feel — if we re-evaluate and address cultural norms related to power and control — if we actively address our eroding sense of empathy for others we can uproot the causes of emotional upheavals that inspire both abuse and lethal outbursts.

  4. You tell a man obsessed with control that his wife is leaving and the odds of him killing her go way up.

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