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Oct 022012

Video about lolbertarian:

Food trucks, for instance, whose only crime is competing with brick-and-mortar restaurants would certainly benefit. Also, I am all for gay rights and interracial marriage, just don't expect me to bake a cake for you. Just going with the main spokespeople—and leaving out dumb individual comments made by Stefan Molyneux and other YouTube quacks—you will find:


No matter how much they pretend to care about scientific evidence, ' moral clarity ', etc. But much of the authoritarianism comes from things these authors don't talk about.



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  1. Eliminating corporate welfare - unless it's going to corporations funding your think tank..

  2. Eliminating corporate welfare - unless it's going to corporations funding your think tank..

  3. Anti-environmental policies, including global warming denialism. Libertarian goals have to be reached with libertarian means.

  4. Nor do they object to the State's interference with freedom to make contract when it increases employers' power. Kevin Carson on vulgar libertarians[ edit ] In georgist tradition, vulgar libertarians are known as royal libertarians, a term coined by Dan Sullivan.

  5. If you believe the world is a meritocracy and are presented with racial income disparity you either revise your views or come to the conclusion that black people are inferior.

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