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Oct 022012

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Invest in a professional system that you have full control of, a system that will make your business win the digital revolution. The eCommerce advances so far in the last 10 years is just the beginning, eCommerce has entered a rapid expansion phase! How well is your Business doing Online?


There is a massive change in the retail market taking place, a paradigm shift! This book will serve advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and practitioners in insurance, finance as well as regulators.



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  1. The way we do business is changing rapidly, traditional high-street business is slowly dying out and giving way for digital eCommerce. They use rigorous, yet elementary mathematics, avoiding technically advanced approaches which have no clear methodological purpose and are practically irrelevant.

  2. The eCommerce advances so far in the last 10 years is just the beginning, eCommerce has entered a rapid expansion phase! The material progresses systematically and topics such as the pricing and hedging of derivative contracts, investment and hedging principles from portfolio theory, and risk measurement and multivariate models from risk management are covered appropriately.

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