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Oct 022012

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Aberdeen Established in , Cheerz has been at the heart of Aberdeen's small but welcoming gay scene for the best part of two decades. Sister branch of the famous Manchester locale, AXM on nearby Glassford Street opens from Wednesday to Sunday with themed club nights on their two floors. Themed nights and pub quizzes take place during the week.

Lesbian glasgow

Find more stylish bars and restaurants around the capital in our guide to food and drink in Edinburgh. Open Wednesday to Sunday, Before Out is a relaxed gay bar offering great drinks promos, free pool and karaoke on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Located on Brunswick Street, it's friendly and relaxed with well-priced drinks, great music, TVs showing live sports and entertainment at the weekends.

Lesbian glasgow

Lesbian glasgow

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  1. Just down the road, Planet Bar on Baxter's Place offers comfy seats and a pool table plus quizzes and karaoke on certain nights. Aberdeen Established in , Cheerz has been at the heart of Aberdeen's small but welcoming gay scene for the best part of two decades.

  2. But Lip Service, unlike its equally outrageous but more politically aware American genre buddy The L Word , does not aim to poke and prod sensitive social issues, favouring instead some good old-fashioned soapstyle melodrama.

  3. Events In February, Scotland celebrates LGBT History Month with an excellent selection of programmes and activities right across the country, so you can enjoy everything from film screenings and debates to parties and ceilidhs.

  4. And although many people will say Lip Service is a Technicolor fantasy version of real, normal life as a lesbian, that is surely the key to making a really, really good soap. I mean, when was the last time you sighted a specimen as pouty lipped and jaw-achingly cool as Ruta Gedmintas in a gay bar of a weekend?

  5. Underground, also on John Street, is perfect for a coffee during the day or for pre-drinks before a night out. Just along the road is Speakeasy, a relaxed bar serving sandwiches and pub classics from 5 - 9pm followed by drinks into the wee hours.

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