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Oct 022012

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Paul asks, "Then why choose fear? When Rent had its first staged reading at New York Theatre Workshop in March , it became evident that, despite its very promising material and moving musical numbers, many structural problems needed to be addressed, including its cumbersome length and overly complex plot. Larson would not live to see Rent's success; he died from an undiagnosed aortic aneurysm believed to have resulted from Marfan syndrome in the early morning of January 25,

Leabians rubbing

After that first time, Larson attended the meetings regularly. A federal appellate court upheld the original ruling on appeal.

Leabians rubbing

Leabians rubbing

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  1. He did say, however, that there was one thing of which he was afraid: Originally, the members of Life Support had a solid block of the "forget regret" refrain, and they talked about remembering love.

  2. The people present at the Life Support meeting in the show, such as Gordon, Ali and Pam, carry the names of Larson's friends who died.

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