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Oct 022012

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Engaging in educational activities helps keep your mind occupied, making it easier to uphold values and stay pure. With creativity and effort, some advance planning and determination to carry out those plans, your stay-at-home dates can help build that important reserve of love every marriage needs.

Lds date ideas

The possibilities are endless. If it is winter and there is snow on the ground, try playing croquet or golfing with brightly colored balls. Eating out can be fun when you go on a double date or large group.

Lds date ideas

Lds date ideas

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  1. Do you have other date suggestions? Entertainment Going out and enjoying some form of entertainment is an engaging way to get to know your date.

  2. Pack a picnic and eat outdoors at the beach, the park or in your back yard. It was also affordable.

  3. Go out for coffee and dessert, and order a few different desserts to share. Athletic Free Be a kid again.

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