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Oct 022012

Video about ky liquid personal lubricant reviews:

This is something that guarantees an intense session under the waterfall. That is because the manufacturer has not made any claim about it being a product for sensitive skin.

Ky liquid personal lubricant reviews

Works for all age groups. It comes off with the water and that will not seem like a difficulty once you are used to it. Cons Takes quite long to wash off.

Ky liquid personal lubricant reviews

Ky liquid personal lubricant reviews

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  1. It gives you the feeling of the fluids flowing out from a natural, healthy body. And in that case, you will like how the lubricant performs if you do not have sensitive skin.

  2. The K-Y Jelly is actually a fraction of the price of your regular lube and it keeps you hydrated like most of your experts do. The water based ones never quite give you the same pleasure when under the shower.

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