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Oct 022012

Video about kissing oxytocin:

She discovered that, in addition to the impact of dopamine, a second hormone, oxytocin known as the love and connection hormone , is produced that will keep you kissing long after the newness of the relationship wears off. Although the data analysis is still in progress, Guastella expects couples that got oxytocin to show less hostile interpretations of the problem and be less critical of their partners. Men frequently kiss for a couple of reasons.

Kissing oxytocin

Feldman thinks that these types of behaviors are intimately linked with oxytocin in a positive feedback loop. The more kissing going on, the better the relationship. Research by others has shown that oxytocin increases trust, generosity and our ability to identify emotion in facial expressions.

Kissing oxytocin

Kissing oxytocin

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  1. Hasse Walum, a graduate student at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and his colleagues took advantage of Swedish twin studies that included thousands of participants, their genetic information and their answers to questions about how affectionate they were with their romantic partners. Feldman thinks that these types of behaviors are intimately linked with oxytocin in a positive feedback loop.

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