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Oct 022012

Video about kayak fishing tours sydney:

The 2 x Contour HD video cameras are also equipped with underwater casings and this will enable some great underwater footage of the kayak, fish and any diving or snorkeling adventures. Aerial surface hits from hungry greedy Bass and then all of a sudden with the change in weather the Cod woke up! Just as I crest the top of the rapid I clipped a rock and the boat was held up pivoting precariously, the boat starts to spin, and I could see exactly what was about to happen but was powerless to stop it.

Kayak fishing tours sydney

Just as I thought Christ get the camera another Cod of about 70cm came up and grabbed my poor Bass and ripped it off the hooks and swam down to the darkness taking my Bass with it. Anyone that fishes would know the frustration this can cause.

Kayak fishing tours sydney

Kayak fishing tours sydney

Day 4 Up snap and the last bit before elder citizen is normally border enforcement as it goes a few communications but not work…. By midafternoon I had unfamiliar around 20 express with a few of Higher Cod clicked in and I was using myself around. Kayak fishing tours sydney

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  1. The river was up and had a hint of tea tree color but looked more than OK to me. Just after lunch I came into some tighter water and put a cast under some dark trees.

  2. I was unaware that later on in the trip this was to become a very big problem, but we will get to that later. Day 3 I was up very early, and I had decided that today I was not being rescued, coffee, food and with a new plan I set off back to the river.

  3. Aerial surface hits from hungry greedy Bass and then all of a sudden with the change in weather the Cod woke up!

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