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Oct 022012

Video about just solitaire eight off:

There are an awful lot of solitaire programs availables on the net. As such, it is nearly entirely a game of skill and strategy.

Just solitaire eight off

Object The object of the game is to build up all cards on the four foundation suits from Ace to King. In fact, all games are created with different combinations of settings on the mind-bogglingly complex option panel. The top card of any tableau pile can also be moved to any Cell.

Just solitaire eight off

Just solitaire eight off

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  1. Empty tableau piles may be filled only by a King or a legal group of cards headed by a King.

  2. You can build tableau piles by moving cards there in order from highest King to lowest Ace of the same suit.

  3. We are not responsible for lost productivity, neglected spouses, children, or pets. Beyond that, it allows you to change the rules of any game and create your own new games, allowing a finite infinity of possible solitaire games.

  4. Initially, 48 cards are dealt to the tableau 6 per column and the remaining 4 are dealt to the first four free cells.

  5. Initially, 48 cards are dealt to the tableau 6 per column and the remaining 4 are dealt to the first four free cells.

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