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Oct 022012

Video about jury duty bench warrant:

The court is less likely to be lenient if you scheduled a conflict despite knowing you were obligated to serve jury duty on the same date. You would lose income.

Jury duty bench warrant

Although there is usually a limit to the number of times you can postpone your service typically 2 times. Lying to the court about why you haven't appeared is perjury and it's a criminal offense. What are courts less lenient with?

Jury duty bench warrant

Jury duty bench warrant

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  1. Any "extras" are excused from serving on a trial and don't have to return. The penalties are far higher if you fail to report for federal jury duty.

  2. Since most people have to miss work to sit on a jury, you'll need an epic excuse like that it's your first day on the job or you have to make it to a conference of major project. Have a newborn at home?

  3. If your spouse or a close relative works in law enforcement, the attorneys on the case may not want you to serve on the jury at all.

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