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Oct 022012

Video about joan baez perth:

Read a recent interview withThe New York Times here. She also link some of the songs to ongoing political struggles.

Joan baez perth

To this day, she continues to stand passionately on behalf of causes she embraces. Scotland has been lucky to get two dates in Glasgow and Edinburgh, both of which quickly sold out. As it turned out it was a no brainer.

Joan baez perth

Joan baez perth

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  1. The packed Usher Hall audience, many of whom have grown up and grown old with Joan Baez, love it all and when she ends after 90 minutes of singing they demand and get several encores including The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Of course, at 77 the voice is not what it was in the s, yet it still has a purity, an integrity and a colour which marks out it as Joan Baez, and occasionally she soars above her throaty mezzo voice back into the soprano range.

  2. The Usher Hall is therefore packed to say farewell to the queen of the protest song. In addition, she possessed one of the most beautiful and pure soprano voices, one that would not have been out of place in the opera house.

  3. She also link some of the songs to ongoing political struggles. Tickets are available beginning this Friday, November 2 at

  4. She walks on to the stage almost without notice and proceeds to sing many of our old favourites, as well as some from her latest album, Whistle Down The Wind.

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