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Oct 022012

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Assop Waterall Occurring naturally at the bottom of the famous Hawan Kibo, Assop waterfall is a truly scenic landscape with a corresponding warm ambience. Jos is seeing true growth in the number of shop Finding the right hotel in a Jos however is easy as Jos is not an expensive city, and you are bound to have a good trip.


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  1. A total of 27 hours of CPD have been approved for this conference and, due to overlapping sessions, the maximum number of hours of CPD that an individual may accrue is 18 hours. This represents one Foundational Study Credit hour awarded for each hour of educational session attended at the conference - for a total of

  2. Jos Tamar oh Re: Jah Cure] It's been so long i've been searching for you Still i've been strong cause it's long overdue then Now that we are together,our views we share forever It's always love suh let it be yeah [Verse 4:

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