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Oct 022012

Video about hreonline:

Case studies are used to aid the explanation of learning goals and objectives, and offer learners real world examples that they can apply to their own experiences. Some of the students are geographically dispersed across the world including California, Puerto Rico, and Thailand. Technologies not currently available are developed if there is a specific need.


Icons are presented in universal geometric shapes, and any signs and symbols used are global in their meaning. While the HRE Online website provides users with a number of resources to enhance and aid the learning process, the HRE course is limited in its support resources. Planning for a course at HRE Online is a combined effort, which includes faculty and instructional designers.



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  1. Students are able to use the CMS to access course content group discussions, chats, and e-mail. By Sally Stetson Friday, November 1, As the leader of the human resource practice at a retained executive-search firm, I have had the opportunity to interact with many HR executives.

  2. Measuring Quality in Online Programs. It is important to have a broader view of the needs of the entire enterprise versus a division or department.

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